June 29, 2016

All In For One Week

It was inevitable. I call it “Championship Syndrome”. Whenever a player makes a huge mark on a team during a championship run, they leave the team during the following free-agent season, because they believe their worth has increased. Cleveland’s darling, LeBron James, has caught that fever. The King himself decided to opt out of his contract with the Cavaliers, which had one year remaining. Mr. James has said over and over and over again that he has “no intention to leave Cleveland at this time“. Those are the keywords. Yes, he seems very devoted to Cleveland, but we all know it’s all about that dollar. In a recent poll by My Three Cents, 33% of Cavs fan are not concerned about LeBron James’ decision to become a free agent. 67% are concerned.  There is a way to combat this syndrome, and it involves someone whom LeBron has quite the fever for…


When Stripping Doesn’t Work

We reported back in May that Dwayne Wade will be on the July cover of ESPN The Magazine’s “The Body” Issue…nude. We now know why. lebromance.jpgYou see, Dwayne Wade’s representatives have informed other teams that he will be entering free agency this summer. This all brings me to one conclusion: he misses his LeBron. The al-naturale shot was an attempt to remind LeBron just how much he misses looking at Wade’s beautiful body gracefully striding up and down the court every night, highlighted by the adrenaline of the game and the intensity of the hot lights shining down upon…okay, that was going somewhere disturbing. Anyway, now that James hasn’t made any indication that he’s returning to the Heat, Wade is panicking. Now he’s making himself available, hopefully to be picked up by the Cavaliers, so he can be re-united with his one true love…in Cleveland (yeah, that’s pretty desperate – I wouldn’t even move to Cleveland for Katharine McPhee). His sudden choice to run to LeBron’s arms may also be influenced by another recent event in Cleveland…


The Love Affair

It turns out that the hug shared by Kevin Love and LeBron James was more than just a spontaneous celebration. Love recently revealed this on the Late Show: “I didn’t want to be the one guy that — after we saw the ball go up, there were three seconds left, up four, we knew it was all over — I didn’t want to be that guy that was searching for someone to hug,” Love told Colbert. “I tried to find the person that everyone was most likely to hug, and it happened to be LeBron … That was a warm, cuddly embrace at the end there.”

Photo Credit: cnn.com

Iman Shumpert looks as if he’s saying “Hahhh Bron, you gonna be in trouble with Duh-Wayne!”. No wonder Wade wants to leave Miami…he wants to go to Cleveland to keep an eye on his man!!! Maybe, LeBron and Love had an argument, and Kevin said he would break off the bromance if LeBron didn’t leave the Cavaliers. Love does strange things to us…and Dwayne Wade does strange things for magazines…and LeBron James…well, he’s just on the cover of every magazine and paper.


…and that’s My Three Cents


1. “All In For One Week”


2. “When Stripping Doesn’t Work”


3. “The Love Affair”




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