July 7, 2016

Girl Scout Poses as Steph Curry

And we weren’t fooled:

Watch: Stephanie Curry?

I mean, come on. That MVP-player accent was so fake. Then later, when she poses as a pizza deliveryman, she blows her cover when she sees that the other girls are Golden State fans too. It was an elaborate costume, though. So elaborate that it scared one kid into fainting. He probably thought he was about to get mugged. We did find out one thing: while studying for the part, the girl scout spent some time around Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. When asked what their favorite girl scout cookies were, Durant replied “Tagalong-For-A-Ring”.


Wool You Vote For Me?

Chik-fil-a’s cow says to vote for chikin. The Arizona Diamondbacks want me to vote for Lamb. Gah! What should I choose? What about The Buffalo, Wilson Ramos of the Nationals? Well, the Nationals don’t have their own buffalo, but the Diamondbacks have a lamb:

joe lamb
Photo Credit: twitter.com/SteveGilbertMLB

What do Diamondbacks have to do with…ohhhh the guy’s name is Joe Lamb. Why didn’t they just change the team name to the “Diamondbaa-aa-aa-cks”? They must really want him to be in the All-Star Game: their first-baseman even made a Twitter page, and created the hashtag “#votelamb”. Talk about some serious promotional tools. First basemen don’t make Twitter accounts! If you really want to impress me enough to get my vote, take me out to lunch or something. Maybe we could discuss it over a grilled chicken club?


How Are We Supposed To React To Howard?

What fans of a team do when Kevin Durant leaves:

Image Credit: http://www.believethehypenba.com

What fans of a team do when Dwayne Wade leaves:

Image Credit: wgntv.com

What fans of a team do when Dwight Howard leaves:

Image Credit: thesportster.com


…and that’s My Three Cents


1. “Girl Scout Poses as Steph Curry”


2. “Wool You Vote For Me?”


3. “How Are We Supposed To React To Howard?”




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