July 11, 2016

The Biggest Shocker Since Ben Franklin’s Kite

We haven’t heard from our old buddy Draymond Green for awhile (well, he may have said something, we just weren’t listening). Anyway, good old peaceful Draymond was arrested in Michigan around 2:30 AM Sunday Morning. Wait, what? Not Draymond Green! No, but seriously, a newspaper in San Francisco says he slapped a fan who was heckling him. We know that can’t be true. Green uses his feet, not his hands, and he goes below the belt…unless he slapped the guy in…well, let’s not go there. News outlets are reporting that he is going to Las Vegas on July 18th to practice for the Olympic team. Maybe he was getting head start at learning to slap away the Zika-infested mosquitoes….


Are You Faster Than An 8th Grader

First, watch this video:

Watch: Ham Sandwich Records Amazing Moment

Kevin Durant later called the kid, telling him to follow his lead and leave the Thunder’s camp for the Warriors. The kid walked off the court, smiling and saying “See ya in the Playoffs, Russ…Not!”, but that went over Westbrook’s head too.


Look Ma, No Look!

Buster Posey’s field goal percentage just went up, even though he doesn’t play for the NBA:

Watch: No Look Pass

That’s the best one-handed catch I’ve seen by a Giants player since Odell Beckham Jr.’s catch! The batter looked like he was both shocked, and busting a dance move so he could replace that guy from the band Empire of the Sun (see featured image). Maybe Posey will join the Golden State Warriors now, just like everyone else seems to be. What was Jake Peavy arguing about anyway?

“Hey man, he won’t give me the ball!”
Oh yeah? Fine! Take it!
Jake (realizing he just caught it without looking):
Now look at him, Ump! He’s bein; a smartass!


…and that’s My Three Cents


1. “The Biggest Shocker Since Ben Franklin’s Kite”


2. “Are You Faster Than An 8th Grader”


3. “Look Ma, No Look!”



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