June 21, 2016

Role Model or Nude Model?

I just saw the most disturbing image ever. I mean, seriously. You can look it up if you want to, but it’s not going on here. Dwayne Wade, devoted girlfriend of LeBron James, and star player for the Miami Heat, is going to be featured in the “Body” issue of ESPN the magazine. Nude. No, there aren’t any private parts showing, but that doesn’t mean the “naked” part should be showing. What’s next? Rob Gronkowski donning a thong for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue? Manny Machado doing a “knockout” spread for Playboy? Wade is even holding a basketball, to cover…his side. Wow. Please God, don’t show your side. But your buttocks, oh yeah sure that’s fine. Where did they get this picture, LeBron James’s secret pleasure chamber? They’d better be making a poster size for LeBron’s bedroom wall. Enjoy your 4th of July meal boys and girls…it’ll be coming back up on July 6th, when Wade-al-naturale will be gracing the cover of ESPN the Magazine.


Try Playing in my Shoes

Kevin Durant is widely known for his basketball camp, that he holds every off-season at the University of Texas campus. This year, it was a devious set-up. Here’s how it started:

Image Credit : CBS DFW

So, nine students raced to the gym, and here’s the next plot twist:

Image Credit: CBS DFW

Sure, they’re all smiles after getting a free pair of insanely expensive shoes. Little did they know what was awaiting them on the court…


The Court (Please excuse the ad)

Well, I mean, if it makes him feel better about losing to the Golden State Warriors..


The First & Second Round’s On Us, But After That We Choke 

After their loss in Game 7 of the NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors received a tweet of consolation from the Carolina Panthers. The Broncos could not resist a chance to burn the Panthers one more time:
broncos burn.png
Time for my response…hehehehehe…


Image Credit: hiphopwired.com


…and that’s My Three Cents



1. “Role Model or Nude Model”


2. “Try Playing in my Shoes”

Kevin Durant In The Giving Mood As He Nears Free Agency


3. “The First & Second Round’s On Us, But After That We Choke”

(Bleacher Report) http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2647372-panthers-try-to-comfort-warriors-after-nba-finals-loss-get-roasted-by-broncos


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