June 9, 2016

With contributions by:
Ronnie Andrew, Senior Editor

Thankfully, That Wasn’t a Gorilla In The Stands

Many people have amazing talent. LeBron James can defeat entire basketball teams by himself. Donald Trump can rally entire political parties while acting like someone’s drunk uncle. Liam Neeson can pretend to act. And while there’s usually a lack of talent at US Cellular Field (on the part of the home team, the Chicago White Sox), one guy brought the house down:
Video: Fan catches ball while holding baby
Forget about the entire next season of America’s and Britain’s Got Talent and give this guy first place! Oh, and put him on the field next game, minus the baby (or with the baby,  just don’t tell the Cincinnati Zoo). Thank God the pitch didn’t hit the kid. Otherwise, some BBQ place would’ve gone out of business feeding Anthony Rendon free baby back ribs. Maybe if Ryan Zimmerman brings his kid out on the field, he’ll make more catches.


Charity Starts At Home, Not Overseas

You’ve got to teach them early. It’s tough out there in the paint. You have to go hard in the paint. Especially in a celebrity game, with kids, in another country. Example A: Andre Drummond participated in a celebrity game in Denmark last week. One of the kids who was playing on the opposing team (in this win-or-not-you’re still-going-home game), went up for a lay-up. Here’s the result:
Video: Denied

Photo Credit: Twitter/@MadsenSebastian

Let’s analyze this. First of all, they were using a giant tennis ball, so Andre may have thought there was some mistake and wanted to get it off the court. Also, the kid was wearing a LeBron James jersey. Drummond scored a huge block on James in a December 2014 game. I guess he just wanted to relive the moment.  This is EXACTLY how we want our NBA ambassador to play in public. Getting out the message in Denmark that if you dream of playing in the NBA, you have to go through the Detroit Pistons. And they can block kids. Look out Andre, that kid is now going to spend the rest of his life training to play on a Pro level, just so he can join Cleveland Cavaliers and get his payback on the court. At least it was Drummond, not Draymond. He would’ve kicked the poor kid in the balls.


No Love For the Cavs, But Plenty of Lust For Victory

LeBron James defeated the Golden State Warriors in Game 3 of the NBA Finals, 120-90 last night. It was a slaughter from the beginning. The Warriors never had the lead. The Cavaliers’ biggest lead of the night was 32 points. The MVP (Stephen Curry) ended the game with 6 turnovers. If this game was played on a playground, the kids would be picking

Photo credit: USA Today

on the Warriors, singing “Golden State Warriors, shooting for a three, M-I-S-S-I-N-G””.  Kevin Love would have been able to sit out for Game 4, however, LeBron James will be out with a back injury. We think he pulled something carrying the Cleveland Cavaliers.



…and that’s My Three Cents


“Thankfully, That Wasn’t A Gorilla In the Stands”
Video Credit: NY Daily News

“Charity Starts At Home, Not Overseas”
Video Credit: CBS Sports

3. “No Love For The Cavs, But Plenty of Lust For Victory”


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