June 28, 2016 Special Edition

Remembering Buddy Ryan

Legendary coach and Defensive Coordinator Buddy Ryan passed away today at the age of 82. He is the father of Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan, both coaches for the Buffalo Bills. Buddy Ryan was the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles from 1986-1990. He also coached the Arizona Cardinals in 1994, and also held defensive coordinator positions with the Bills, Jets, Vikings, Bears, and Oilers. Buddy Ryan had an amazing sense of humor, and I’m sure that’s one thing he would want to be remembered for. So, I decided to take some of his funniest quotes and update them for our modern era of the NFL, inserting the people that he most likely would have made them about in our age of football.

“Some say the 46 is just an eight-man front. That’s like saying Tom Brady is just a girl.”

“Trade him for a six-pack. It doesn’t even have to be cold.” -in reference to Johnny Manziel, who always has one on hand.

“Offense my butt. Our offense is for Randall [Cunningham] to make five big plays and we’ll win.”
-Actually, this sounds more like what Chip Kelly would have said about Sam Bradford last year.

“We might have the worst bunch of guys together we’ve ever seen as a football team. I don’t know what anybody else has, but I’d trade mine with anybody, sight unseen.” -He said this about the Eagles back in the 80’s, but it would still apply today.

“QBs are overpaid, overrated, pompous bastards and must be punished.” -This was found in Buddy Ryan’s playbook, but the sentiment is echoed by Roger Goodell, in reference to Tom Brady.

“Starting Quarterbacks are like taxi cabs. You can always go out and hire another one.”
-Actually, this is the Cleveland Browns’ viewpoint, not Buddy Ryan’s. My mistake.

“The Cowboys know we’re going to beat them, they just don’t know how.” – A beautiful quote for any occasion.

“They’ll have to be carted off in body bags.”  -Referring to the Panthers when they played the Broncos in Super Bowl 50.

“Mr. Brady hired me to deflate the footballs. That’s what I did.” -Oops…I wasn’t supposed to leak that transcript…

…and that’s My Three Cents

Dedicated to
Buddy Ryan







The 17 greatest Buddy Ryan quotes

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