Joakim Says Noah To Military Dinner

In a response to certain protests which are happening around the sports world, Joakim Noah seems to have lost his mind (and forgotten what sport he’s playing: he looks like he’s about to take the mound for the New York Mets). Noah decided to sit out a dinner with cadets from West Point, in an attempt to be this century’s Jane Fonda (he even let his hair down for the occasion, maybe to match Fonda’s?). But come on: dinner with WEST POINT CADETS? Do you know who gets to have dinner with West Point Cadets? OTHER WEST POINT CADETS. Passing up steak and mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables and rolls and other foods that you probably eat every night during the season, isn’t going to make the Commander-in-chief say ” Well, damn. I’d better stop bombing people if the New York Knicks aren’t going to have dinner with my soldiers”. Now, if you started winning games, he might take a little notice. Focus on winning the war here at home, against whatever team LeBron James is on this year.

..and that’s My Three Cents


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