July 5, 2016

In Brief

Sorry guys, I’m pressed for time today because of my other job, hosting Let’s Do Trivia (I’m kind of a big deal around here, check us out on Facebook or Letsdotrivia.com). I do, however, have a few thoughts on some things:

On Kevin Durant’s not-so-subtle dump on D.C.:

So you’re from DC, but “Oklahoma City truly raised you”? It’s shame they didn’t teach you how to win a championship ring. I guess that’s why you have to go to Golden State: so that Curry and Thompson can hold your hand and help you get one.


On Bruce Arians and His Precious Parking Spot:

A practice squad player by the name of Lawrence Okoye was cut by Arizona Cardinals back in 2015, because he parked in the coach’s (Bruce Arians) parking spot. We are just learning about it now. Why are we just learning about it now. Bruce Arians rants about EVERYTHING. I’m disappointed in you, Mr. Arians. You rant about football all the time, but never the important things that affect people’s jobs. Just be happy it wasn’t Johnny Manziel, who would have parked in the spot with your car already in it.


On Danny Amendola and Driver’s Ed:

Danny Amendola of the New England Patriots recently gave a brilliant explanation of why the Patriots’ offense works:

“In our offense, it’s kind of like if you take away all the street signs on the road and you kind of just drive – you yield and stop at an intersection just by what you feel and what you see with your eyes.”

You forgot the part about driving with deflated tires, and then denying that you knew they were deflated when you run head-on into Roger Goodell.


…and that’s My Three Cents


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