June 14, 2016

Draymond Wars: A New Hope for Cleveland

Not so long ago, in a Game 5 played away…

    War! The splash lords of the Golden Sith Warriors have fallen to the Ohio Rebellion! With the help Jedi Cavaliers LeBron Courtrunner and Kyrie Ving,  the power of the forced Game 6 has brought new hope to the Rebels. But a new threat has arised, as the evil Darth Draymond has once again returned…


A Golden State of Behind

What happened last night? The Splash Bros took a dive. Dr. Livingston went missing again. Even Harrison Barnes didn’t show up. barnes and no-ball.jpgIt was like he was shopping at Barnes & No-ball. Even the bench suffered. Players who needed a dollar in change for the soda machine asked Stephen Curry, but he couldn’t give them four quarters.



We here at My Three Cents are pleased to announce the 1st Annual Anderson Awards!!! Named in honor of the NBA’s famous flopper, Anderson Varejao, this award is given to one player for outstanding acting in an NBA Finals!!! The nominees will be announced after the finals, but you have a chance to win something too! Just spread the word on Twitter about this historic event, and encourage your followers to follow us!Andersonawardspic1.jpg If there’s enough hype for this event, we will integrate a contest into the nomination process, where you could win a free copy of Madden ’17!!! Start that tweeting and re-tweeting, and let’s make the 1st Annual Anderson Awards a memorable event for everyone!!! Don’t forget to use the #mythr33cents and RT from our Twitter page @mythr33cents !!!



…and that’s My Three Cents


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