June 7, 2016

So Now What Will They Wear? Tofu-heads?

According to Bleacher Report, Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is going vegan, meaning he will eat “red meat at times and some chicken”, but he will be double-checking veggies on his meal list, and discounting dairy. This means no more cheesy insurance commercials, Mr. Rodgers! No more milk-mustache adds! Oh, and who does he cite as an influence? The NFL’s top role model for great choices (no, not Johnny Manziel): Tom Brady. The real question is, will Tom teach him how to cheat while on this diet? “I mean, it’s non-fat milk. So, that means it’s mostly water and air. And boy do I know about things without air!”


The Top Quarterhacker in the NFL is…

Early on Tuesday, the NFL’s official Twitter page was hacked. Three message were posted before the hack was discovered and stopped, one of which was:

The NFL’s VP of Communications, Brian McCarthy, was quick to confirm on his Twitter that Goodell was “alive and well”. The NFL is undoubtedly hard at work determining who hacked the account, but we here at M3C have a pretty good idea who it was: Tom Brady. First of all, they like each other as much as Donald Trump likes silence. The password to get in was probably “ihatetombrady12”. So what will Roger Goodell do if it was Mr. Brady? Give him a four week suspension from Twitter? We did discover one other piece of evidence. This fourth post during the hack that went unnoticed:


We’ll Knick You Down!!!

According to the New York Knicks’ President, Phil Jackson, the Knicks can go to the postseason and “maybe go even further” with some adjustments. The first adjustment they need to make is to not be the New York Knicks. Over the past two seasons, they’ve gone 17-65, and 32-50, respectively. Hey, maybe I’m being too critical. They did very well from 2010-2013, making the postseason in all of those years. And as Jackson said,  “Why not?…I don’t know what’s so great about what’s out here in the East. We can fill that role.” He’s right. It’s not as if this guy plays in the East:







…and that’s My Three Cents


“So Now What Will They Wear? Tofu-heads?”
Aaron Rodgers Comments on Changes to Diet, Impact on His Health

“The Top Quarterhacker in the NFL is…”

3. “We’ll Knick You Down!!!”


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