Well, we saw it coming.

Dearest sports-loving friends,

It has taken me some time to decide how to say this, but I just decided to post it bluntly. My Three Cents, and its podcast, the M3Cast, have not turned into what I wanted them to be. In the grand scheme of things, what we have here is a minimal success resulting from maximum effort on my part, and on the part of everyone who has been involved since the inception of “My Three Cents”. I am about to graduate from a 2-year college, and make the transition to a 4-year college. This will consume a great portion of my time and energy, if I wish to earn a degree in broadcast journalism. Therefore, with more thanks than I can ever give to those who were a part of this adventure, I deeply regret to inform you that the My Three Cents franchise will be shut down this weekend. I believe this decision is for the best, and I hope that you will keep a look out for me in the future, because I am determined to land somewhere big.



By the way, happy April Fools Day.


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